The biggest problem I have as a tiler……

As a tiler for 22 years, my biggest problem I would have to say is the taste of the customers. Also so amused by the previous work of those who work I have to renovate. Most customers chose the same styles which are the classic white tiles that are stacked beside each other, taking a risk making your own design isn’t always bad.  In this post, I will show some ideas that you can use to renovate your bathroom.



Done by Ronny R

Image result for geometric tile


Mosaic tiling makes a huge difference, along with choosing different geometry which ranges from cubic, hexagonal, so many choices that you can choose from.


Ocean blue is a nice for a bathroom ( personal preference), any colour is technically a good colour. However too strong or too much of a can be a bit too much.


These are Mexican inspired tiles and wash basin which I installed a couple of months ago, however, I am unable to show the finished bathroom lost the photo. Patterned tiles are always a good idea, the problem with that is maybe after a couple years your taste might change, this applies with colour as well.

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So for 2019, get CREATIVE, there are so many different ways and colours that can make your bathroom look luxurious and beautiful with simple ideas. Hope you enjoyed these ideas.

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